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To execute development project related to horticulture and to expand the area and opportunities related to horticulture corps, under the Bihar state agriculture dept. a separate horticulture directorate was established in year 1989 with the departmental letter no: PPM-26/84-13405 dated 07.11.1989.
The internal structure of the directorate of horticulture in expanded through the state head quarter to the block level necessary.At present in the state there are 17 nursery and special nursery projects and 148 working block nursery are available. Here the farmers are provided with quality seeds and other horticulture items and materials at government rates.The total production of fruits in state is 734.60 thousand tons, where as the need is 978.93 thousand ton. So the additional 244.33 thousand tons fruits are required. Similarly in the field of vegetables the total production is 2936.80 thousand tons, hence the production of 906.30 thousand tons vegetable are in excess.

The land of Jharkhand is favorable for the horticulture corps. Just the need is to encourage the farmers to produce more and more corps and to implement the new technologies for the production. The directorate of horticulture supports the farmers to grow more and more vegetables and fruits. The agro-climatic diversity in the state with its high rainfall distributed over the four month monsoon and a reasonably moderate winter allows for growing a verity of horticulture corps. The normal rainfall received from June to September from south west monsoon is immensely suitable for growing perennial fruits corps like mango, litchi, guavas orange and limes : Annual fruits corps like banana pineapple, papaya , spices like ginger, turmeric and chilly, a verity of tubers and a whole range of vegetables. The low temperature existing in hilly areas at higher altitude offer ideal condition for growing off-season vegetables. The state thus enjoys a natural comparative advantage for horticulture with possibility for growing diversified baskets of fruits, vegetables, spices, tuber corps and flowers. Whole potential has not been fully exploited. Perennial horticulture also helps the farmer to secure against unforeseen droughts. Preferably existing high land of our state is mostly suitable for cultivation of perennial fruits and corps. Likewise large tact of soils in the state having light texture, red soils, with low water holding capacity, low fertility are quite conducive for growing horticulture corps.
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